Music Education (MUED)

MUED 741 - Techniques and Methods in Choral Music

Credits: 2

Methods for teaching choral music in 5-12th grade schools, the developing voice, vocal modeling, repertoire selection, choral conducting, rehearsal technique, sequencing and feedback, piano skills for choral rehearsal, in-school fieldwork. This class requires a fieldwork component. Students will conduct rehearsals at Oyster River Middle School 7:00am-7:50am at least once per week for a portion of the semester. Prereq: EDUC 500; MUSI 731; MUSI 732.

MUED 743 - Materials and Methods in Piano Music

Credits: 2

Gives potential piano teachers a coherent but flexible approach to the instruction of students of different ages and levels of talent through evaluation of methods and materials and discussion of the role of the private teacher.

MUED 745 - Techniques and Methods in String Instruments

Credits: 2

Class and individual instruction. Intensive training on the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Classroom procedures, establishment of string programs, and evaluation of available methods materials. Permission required.

MUED 747 - Techniques and Methods in Woodwind Instruments

Credits: 2 or 3

Basic course in embouchure formation, tone production, tonguing, fingering and instrument care as applied to each of the woodwinds: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone. Methods, studies, solos and ensembles most useful with school players of woodwind instruments. Permission required.

MUED 749 - Techniques and Methods in Brass Instruments

Credits: 2

Basic course in embouchure formation, tone, tonguing, fingering, flexibility, accuracy, and range development as applied to the trumpet or baritone horn, French horn, and trombone. Methods, studies, solos, and ensembles most likely to be useful with school players of brass instruments. Permission required.

MUED 751 - Techniques and Methods in Percussion Instruments

Credits: 2

Basic performance skills on snare drum, timpani, mallet instruments, and other percussion instruments used in bands and orchestras. Materials and methods of instruction. Permission required.

MUED 755 - Vocal Pedagogy

Credits: 1 or 2

A study of vocal anatomy, vocal function, and teaching methods, with an emphasis on application for singers and voice teachers.

MUED 765 - Instrumental Music Methods

Credits: 2

Organization and delivery of instruction to groups of instrumental music students. Examination of appropriate curricula and materials, application of instrumental and conducting techniques, structure of rehearsals, assessment of student progress. Prereq: junior standing.

MUED 771 - Marching Band Methods

Credits: 2

Role of marching band in the school music program. Design and execution of field shows and parade marching. Understanding of marching percussion and auxiliary units. Examination of appropriate music. Prereq: MUSI 454 and MUSI 571.

MUED 790 - Teaching Elementary School Music

Credits: 3

Experiential approach toward learning creative strategies for teaching elementary school music. Includes various curricula and methods; philosophy and psychology of music; demonstration of materials and instruments. Observation and teaching in schools. Prereq: piano proficiency.

Equivalent(s): MUED 787

MUED 791 - Teaching Secondary School Music

Credits: 2

Assembling, managing, and teaching junior/senior high school music curriculum. Academic issues of philosophy, curriculum building, application of learning theories, administration, evaluation, motivation, and classroom management combined with field experience in lesson planning and teaching/rehearsal techniques. Prereq: piano proficiency; MUSI 731 and MUSI 732.

MUED 795 - Special Studies

Credits: 1-4

Allows upper-level students to explore individually or in groups areas related to their specific professional interests. Prereq: permission.