Decision Sciences (DS)

DS 444 - Meaning of Entrepreneurship

Credits: 4

This course explores the idea and ideals of entrepreneurship, the creating of value through individual initiative, creativity and innovation. The idea of entrepreneurship is of significant relevance in the highly dynamic and competitive 21st century global economy. It is an idea that is important for students to understand and to critically consider and apply. Encourages the development of multiple views of entrepreneurship, and uses a broad, not just business, approach to the study as it engages students in the subject matter. Open to all majors. (Also offered as MGT 444.) Writing intensive.

Attributes: Environment,TechSociety(Disc); Inquiry (Discovery); Writing Intensive Course

Equivalent(s): MGT 444

DS 562 - Business Applications Development

Credits: 4

The course focuses on topics related to designing and using information technology in a business setting. Students gain knowledge and skills in application design, development, deployment, and management. A hands-on approach is used, providing students with opportunities to develop and refine their knowledge and skills. The course introduces software engineering concepts using movie metaphors, and students develop fun, socially-relevant three-dimensional animations. Students also gain experience with object oriented programming using the Java programming language. Prereq: ADMN 410.

DS 598 - Topics in Decision Sciences

Credits: 4

Special topics.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits.

DS 650 - The Mel Rines Student Angel Investment Fund

Credits: 2

The Mel Rines Student Angel Investment Fund is a cross-disciplinary, undergraduate, student-managed private equity fund. The fund allows students to learn angel and venture capital investment strategies through the first-hand experience of investing in start-up companies. Students evaluate entrepreneur pitches, conduct due diligence projects on potential investments, and work with angel partners. An officer corps is responsible for structuring and coordinating the class. Students in good standing may retake the course. Prereq: permission.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.

DS 698 - Topics

Credits: 1-4

Special topics. Prereq: permission.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.

DS 741 - Private Equity/Venture Capital

Credits: 4

This course will notably increase knowledge and understanding of the private equity financing market, develop analytical skills in evaluating private equity financing details, learn from the experience of market practitioners, and enhance oral and written presentation skills. Prereq: ADMN 570 and senior standing.

DS 742 - Internship in Entrepreneurial and Management Practice

Credits: 4

Involves working for leading companies and dynamic entrepreneurs, as well as classroom instruction. The priority experiential, real-world, and real-time learning in the high-growth environment of entrepreneurial ventures. Focus on several topic areas, including venture capital. Prereq: senior standing; permission.

Equivalent(s): MGT 742

DS 766 - Business Analytics and Spreadsheet Modeling

Credits: 4

The course focuses primarily on Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics. Students gain modeling and analysis skills necessary to address a wide variety of business problems. Topics covered include general modeling and analysis principles, principles and practices of good spreadsheet model design, optimization, simulation, decision analysis, and Visual Basic for Applications. Students develop a decision support tool for a real-world problem. Prereq: ADMN 410, ADMN 420.

DS 768 - Forecasting Analytics

Credits: 4

The course focuses on Predictive Analytics. Businesses and organizations need to be able to forecast effectively in order to make decisions. Students learn the background necessary to develop forecasts for real-world business situations. An applied, hands-on approach is used in the course. Students learn and use SAS to analyze data and fit models. Topics include regression analysis in forecasting, model building, residual checking, analysis of seasonal and cyclical trends, and times series models. Prereq: ADMN 420.

DS 773 - Database Management and Systems Analysis

Credits: 4

Provides students with the skills necessary to understand the database environment of the firm and a background to develop moderately complex, stand-alone databases. Gives the foundation to study database development in multiuser, client/server environments. Prereq: ADMN 410 and junior standing.

Equivalent(s): ADMN 742

DS 774 - E-Business

Credits: 4

Covers the concepts, tools, and strategies for understanding the challenges and exploiting the opportunities associated with e-commerce/e-business. Provides an understanding of the technology platform and its components. Additional material covers various models of e-commerce/e-business and its impacts on the firm's performance. Prereq: ADMN 410 and junior standing. DS 562 or CS 405 is strongly recommended.

DS 775 - Corporate Project Experience

Credits: 4

Provides real-life experience in organizations. Work in groups on information systems and/or projects identified by sponsoring organizations. Integrate concepts and skills learned in prior business and technology courses. Learn project management concepts, work with project management tools, and use presentation techniques. Prereq: senior standing, DS 773, two additional Information Systems & Business Analytics Option courses.

DS 798 - Topics

Credits: 4

Special topics; may be repeated.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated up to 4 times.