Integrated Agriculture Management (IAG)

IAG #408 - Foundations for Living Sustainably in New England

Credits: 4

An introduction to the principles and practices of sustainable living in New England. Within the framework of human culture as an integral part of our ecosystem and focusing on the integration of site-scale applications, topics touched upon include ecology, site inventory and mapping, horticulture, forestry, animal science, architecture, food, regulatory issues, business concepts, and community integration. Special fee.

IAG #490 - Integrated Agriculture Management Capstone

Credits: 2

The capstone experience includes formal lectures and coursework. In addition there is a required pre-approved and mentored project, or other special project-based student activity accepted by the IAG program advisors. The students will be expected to present the project to freshman students in the Integrated Agriculture program and also in a public venue. The course occurs in the student's final year at the Thompson School of Applied Sciences. Permission required.

IAG #597 - Integrated Agriculture Management Work Experience

Credits: 0

Career related employment for 400 hours, generally in the summer following the freshmen year. This is in an agricultural, forestry, or food related firm, farm or related business, department approval required. Student submits a monthly report, and a final report from employer required. Students are eligible to register for IAG 297 after completing at least one semester as an IAMT student.

Equivalent(s): AAS 597, FORT 597, HT 597, IAG 297