TSAS Social Science (SSCI)

SSCI 201 - Human Relations

Credits: 4

Learn theories of human behavior and develop skills for applying these concepts in the creation of more effective interpersonal and professional relationships.

SSCI 202 - Social Issues

Credits: 0 or 4

Study of social problems in today's world. Particular emphasis on various viewpoints of their causes and solutions. Issues covered range from individual to worldwide.

SSCI 403 - Environmental Issues & Society

Credits: 2

Course focuses on contemporary environmental problems and their relationship to society. Students examine the nature and extent of specific problems, such as pollution or global warming, and review current thinking about causes, possible interrelationships, and proposed solutions. 2 lec.

Equivalent(s): SSCI 203

SSCI #404 - Leadership Effectiveness Grp P

Credits: 2

By studying various theories of group development and leadership approaches, students explore the ways leaders influence group behavior and goal attainment. Students practice applying theories to specific situations and explore their own individual strengths and weaknesses as both leaders and group members.

Equivalent(s): SSCI 204