TSAS Communication (COM)

COM 209 - Expository Writing and Reading

Credits: 4

The main course goal is to produce inquisitive capable and confident writers for written communication challenges in higher education and future careers. Particular focus is paid to practice in visual description, research, argument, revision and analytical reading. Instructors focus on writing as a process of learning, not a product of learning. Includes individual conferences with students to discuss their writing and drafts. Class sessions are driven by open discussion and group activities.

Attributes: Writing Skills(Discovery); Writing Intensive Course

COM 210 - Public Speaking

Credits: 3

In a recent Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) survey, 86% of recruiters for major employers claimed "communication skills" as the first trait they seek in new employees. That said, building confidence and practicing public communication is a way to stand out in both social situations and the workplace. In COM 210, we practice persuading, instructing and storytelling in an active atmosphere, all with an effort to build confidence in oratory, analyzing audiences and generating quality ideas.

COM 212 - Writing in the Workplace

Credits: 3

Practice in various forms of technical and professional writing: technical instructions and descriptions, reports, proposals, business letters, and more. Applications relate to employees/employers, suppliers, customers, and others. The course emphasizes the importance of layout and design to effective communication.

Equivalent(s): ABM 202