Health Sciences (HS)

HS 605 - Exploration of Allied Health Professions

Credits: 2

Explore and understand duties, responsibilities, and common work schedules of allied health professions. Complete 10 hours of observation with each profession: athletic training, physical therapy, and physician assistant. Students may substitute observation of other professions by submitting written justification to, and upon permission of course instructor.

HS 656 - Musculoskeletal Pathologies for Health Professions

Credits: 4

Introduces the student to the musculoskeletal injuries common to allied health professions. Cognitive knowledge on anatomy, injury pathology, assessment and diagnosis. In conjunction with HS 657, Musculoskeletal Pathologies for Health Professions Lab, this course prepares the student for continued education in allied health professions. Prereq: BMS 507, BMS 508.

Co-requisite: HS 657

HS 657 - Musculoskeletal Pathologies for Health Professions Lab

Credits: 1

The practical application of the knowledge attaining in HS 656. Students will learn & perform anatomical landmark palpation, injury assessment procedures & techniques, and taping & wrapping procedures. This course, in conjunction with HS 656, prepares the students for further education at the graduate level. Prereq: BMS 507, BMS 508. Special Fee.

Co-requisite: HS 656

HS 717 - Cultural Considerations in Health Care

Credits: 4

Capstone course to introduce concepts of culture, cultural humility, and diversity as related to professional practice for students preparing for careers in healthcare professions. Patient-centered course teaching students about patient types, and how to appropriately consider and care for those with differing cultural backgrounds, beliefs and practices.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 10 credits.