Credit Load

Fall and Spring semesters
Undergraduate degree students may enroll for a maximum of 20 credits.  Students who wish to exceed 20 credits must petition their college dean and are subject to a tuition overload surcharge.

Undergraduate degree student registration is limited to a maximum of 18 credits during the priority registration period, except in majors requiring more than 18 credits. Students should consult with their academic advisor. Continuing students may add additional courses to register up to a maximum of 20 credits the Tuesday before classes begin. Minimum GPAs are required as follows PAUL 3.0, all other colleges 2.0.

Part-Time Students (enrolled in less than 12 credits): undergraduate degree students may attend on a part-time basis. No special permission is required, it is not necessary to withdraw or register through Continuing Education. Students must contact Student Accounts regarding billing adjustments.

Summer Session
Undergraduate students may enroll for a maximum of 12 credits. Students who wish to exceed 12 credits in the Summer must petition their college dean.

January Term
All students are limited to registering for one course and a maximum of 4 credits. Exception: Students may register for more than one course provided the courses DO NOT meet concurrently and the total credits do not exceed the 4 credit maximum.