Change of College

An undergraduate degree candidate may change from one college in the University to another only with the approval of the academic deans and departments of the colleges involved by submitting a request through the online change of major process or by submitting a change of campus request. This change must be approved by the academic department of the major to which the student wishes to transfer. Degree candidates in undergraduate online programs and any associate degree candidate must apply through the Office of Admissions to change colleges.

Students changing campuses from the UNH Durham or UNH Manchester campus to the College of Professional Studies Online are deactivated from their previous UNH campus. Students have until the end of the add/drop period of their first term of enrollment in a CPS Online program to request a change back to their previous campus, UNH Durham or UNH Manchester, by contacting After that time, students must submit a new application form in order to return to a UNH Durham or Manchester program. Students enrolled in a CPS Online program are no longer eligible to partake of the various campus resources at the Durham or Manchester campus, including, but not limited to, student events and organization involvement, the student recreation center, athletics events, and Health and Wellness. CPS Online students do not pay these mandatory UNH Durham or Manchester student fees and therefore are not eligible to utilize these services. In addition, CPS Online students are not eligible to enroll in the Student Health Benefits Plan.