Repeated Courses

Any student who is regularly registered for a course and who satisfies the requirements shall receive credit except that no student shall earn credit for the same course twice, unless otherwise noted in the catalog. When students repeat a course, the former credits and grade points shall be removed prior to the calculation of their cumulative grade point average and the repeated course information shall be added. Both grades are visible on the official transcript. A notation will be made on the student’s record beside the grade received on the repeated course indicating that it is a repeat. In order for a course to be considered "repeated", the course numbers and titles must match exactly. If the course numbers and titles do not match exactly, the student must obtain written permission from their academic advisor and the endorsement of their college dean on a Petition for Variance in Academic Policy form before the adjustment will be made to their transcript. Students may not use the pass/fail grading alternative to repeat a course. Both the original course and the repeated course must be UNH courses.