Foreign Language Requirement

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires proficiency in a foreign language. This requirement may be fulfilled by completing the equivalent of a full-year elementary-level course in a language not previously studied, or by completing the equivalent of a semester of a course in a foreign language at the intermediate or higher level, or by earning credit through an approved Advanced Placement or College Board foreign language achievement test (minimum scores vary). The proficiency in a foreign language requirement must be satisfied by the end of the sophomore year. No credit is awarded for elementary year college coursework if the student has had two or more years of that language in high school. It is strongly advised that students check with academic departments or academic centers to identify department-advised specific foreign language proficiency options.

A Student with a documented disability who wishes accommodation on the basis that the disability will prevent them from successfully mastering a foreign language requirement, or whose foreign language requirement was waived in high school because of a documented disability, must contact Student Accessibility Services, Smith Hall, (603) 862-2607 (Voice/TDD).