Leave of Absence

Any student not subject to any academic or conduct action wishing to seek a leave of absence from their degree program may consult with their respective college dean’s office or the Office of the University Registrar. Reasons for requesting a leave of absence may include financial, academic, personal, or health reasons. Students who request a leave that begins while they are enrolled for a given semester will be subject to the rules governing refunds and the award of W. In most instances, however, leaves that are not health-related begin after the completion of a semester. Students on a Leave of Absence for any reason, except Military Leave of Absence, may not earn transfer credit for courses taken while on the leave of absence.

Any student taking a leave of absence from UNH for health reasons may consider the Health Leave of Absence process. More information about Health Leaves can be found at https://www.unh.edu/health-leaves. Students who are granted a Health Leave of Absence are prohibited from study away program participation during the duration of the leave, must remain on leave for one complete semester following the granting of the leave, and must submit a letter of support from a treatment provider to be reviewed by the Dean of Students prior to approval and reinstatement.

Students returning from a leave for a fall semester must notify the Registrar by June 1 of their intent to return and by November 1 when returning for spring semester. Students will be reinstated into the same major at the point of their leave’s start. Normally, leaves of absence may not exceed three academic years or six semesters, exclusive of J-Term and Summer Session. Military students who are deployed for longer than one year will be allowed to reactivate into original program requirements as long as they can provide official orders corresponding with their absence from the college. Exceptions to the leave of absence policy will be granted by the University Academic Standards and Advising Committee and only in unusual circumstances.

Students withdrawing from the University after the drop period will receive a “W” in all courses. Failure to return from a leave of absence or to formally withdraw is considered a lapse in a student’s degree status in the next semester after three academic years have elapsed and a transcript notation is recorded “degree status discontinued.” The student must subsequently apply for readmission.