Withdrawal from the University

A student may voluntarily withdraw from the University by obtaining, completing, and submitting a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office through the withdrawal period.

Failure to register in any regular semester or to formally withdraw is considered a lapse in a student’s degree status and a transcript notation is recorded “degree status discontinued.” The student must subsequently apply for readmission1.

If a student receiving federal financial aid officially (W) or unofficially (AF) withdraws from coursework in a term or from a degree program, return policies designated by the U.S. Department of Education will apply.

A prorated schedule is used to determine the amount of federal aid a student has earned at the time of the withdrawal up to the 60% point of a student’s enrollment. Unearned aid will be returned to the U.S. Department of Education and the student is responsible to the University for any balance incurred as a result of the return.

For students who unofficially withdraw from the term, federal financial aid regulations allow that a student’s aid be prorated based on presumed attendance through the half-way point of the payment period or period of enrollment.

If a student withdraws from a course, but is registered for a late start course in the same term (and the drop date has not passed for the late start course), then written confirmation of the student’s intent to return is required to be provided to the Office of Financial Aid or a return calculation will be performed.

Students receiving aid through the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Federal Tuition Assistance program are subject to the same prorated schedule of returning unearned aid if the student officially or unofficially withdraws from a course(s). The calculation will be based on the student’s last date of attendance in the course(s). The unearned aid will be returned to the DoD. Students are responsible for any balances that results from the calculation. The only exception is when the student stops attending due to military obligation.


1College of Professional Studies Online division students are exempt from the continuous enrollment requirement.