Academic Standing & Exclusion, Suspension or Dismissal

Minimum Acceptable Level

A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is the minimum acceptable level for undergraduate coursework and for graduation from the University.

The Academic Standards and Advising Committee or Associate Deans examine academic performance and exclude, suspend, or dismiss students who demonstrate insufficient or indeterminate progress toward their degrees. 

Academic Exclusion

Any first semester freshman whose GPA falls between 1.0 and 1.49 will be excluded. Exclusion is a temporary action and will be changed to Degree Status Discontinued, suspension or dismissal not later than mid-semester following the exclusion action unless the student resolves the situation. If exclusion is not promptly resolved, then the student’s registration and University housing will be canceled.

Academic Suspension

Students whose averages fall below the minimum required grade-point average for their class standing and/or who have demonstrated insufficient progress toward their degrees may be suspended. Students suspended from the University for academic reasons will not be readmitted as degree candidates until one regular UNH academic year semester (fall or spring) has elapsed from the time of suspension. Therefore, students will not be eligible to take any UNH courses in the regular session, whether offered in Durham, Manchester, the College of Professional Studies online, or through Continuing Education. Students on suspension for any reason will not earn transfer credit for courses taken while on suspension.

Academic Dismissal

Students who have been suspended once and whose average remains substantially below the minimum grade-point average for their class and who continue to demonstrate insufficient progress toward their degree must be dismissed. Only under extraordinary circumstances will a student be readmitted after having been dismissed. However, students who are dismissed may take courses through Continuing Education after one regular UNH semester has elapsed.

Return after Academic Suspension

Durham and Manchester students that wish to return from an Academic Suspension must complete a Reactivation from Academic Suspension or Leave of Absence Form. The request will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office of the student’s home college (or the UNH Manchester Director of Academic Advising for UNH Manchester students). Students must provide a statement explaining why they believe they can successfully complete a UNH degree program and specific steps they will take to ensure future academic success. 

If approved, the student will be reinstated into the major they left and will receive confirmation from the Office of the Registrar. If the student no longer qualifies for the major they left, their request for return will be reviewed by the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office for reactivation into the Undeclared major. 

The Reactivation from Academic Suspension or Leave of Absence form must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the semester of return begins.

Return after Academic Dismissal

Only under extraordinary circumstances will a student be readmitted after an academic dismissal. Students will need to consult their former home college PRIOR to applying for readmission through the Office of Admissions.