Dropping & Withdrawal from Course

Drop Period

During the drop period, a student may unenroll from a course through Webcat or by working with their advisor.  A course dropped during the drop period will not appear on the student transcript.

Withdrawal Period

Following the drop period, there is a withdrawal period. Withdrawal from a course during the withdrawal period will be recorded on a student transcript with a grade of W. The Withdrawal (W) grade is not included in GPA calculations.

Exclusion from a Course After Enrollment

A student may be excluded from any course after enrollment, with or without penalty, upon recommendation of the instructor and with the approval of the dean of the college in which the student is registered, as soon as it becomes reasonably apparent that such student is unqualified to carry the course successfully.

Refund Policies & Deadlines

For refund policies see Student Accounts and Financial Aid.

Deadlines for the drop and withdrawal periods vary by course duration and are posted on the UNH Master Academic Calendar. (Tip: filter by Event Type - Registration Deadlines)