Graduation Certification

The graduation certification process is managed by the Office of the Registrar. Degrees are awarded three times a year: December, May and September. Candidates for graduation shall be certified as to their college requirements by the several college faculties to the Registrar, who shall recommend them to the president for their appropriate degrees provided they have satisfied all university degree requirements for graduation. Students must formally apply to graduate within the published deadlines on the master academic calendar to initiate the graduation certification process. Coursework must be complete and graded by the graduation date for which applied. Incomplete grades in the final semester will prevent graduation.

Modifications tend to occur in major programs during the period of students' undergraduate careers. Students are expected to conform to these changes insofar as they do not represent substantive alterations in their course of study.

Confirmation of Graduation

Approximately four weeks after the date of graduation, students may check their Academic Transcript on Webcat. View "Degrees Awarded", when the “Degree Date” displays the date of graduation, this confirms graduation. If no date of graduation is displayed, the Office of the Registrar will contact the student to resolve any issues.