Accelerated Master's

Qualified senior students at the University of New Hampshire may be admitted to the Graduate School provided they have followed normal application procedures. Students in the accelerated master's program must be admitted to the Graduate School before they may enroll in courses for dual credit. A 3.20 cumulative grade-point average is normally required to be considered for admission to the accelerated master's program.

Such seniors are normally admitted prior to the start of their last undergraduate semester, but may be eligible to apply for admission the first semester of their senior year. Seniors who have been admitted under early admission may register for a maximum of 12 credits of 800-level courses prior to completing their bachelor's degree. Such courses may upon recommendation of the department and approval of the Graduate School count toward both a bachelor's and master's degree.

When seniors admitted to the accelerated master's program have registered for graduate courses, they must maintain a grade-point average of 3.20, complete their undergraduate degree as planned, and pass graduate courses taken for credit with a grade of B- or better. If these conditions are not met, admission is withdrawn.

Not all graduate programs participate; each program's faculty retain discretion regarding whether their program admits students under the accelerated master's program, as well as the maximum number of graduate credits permitted (not exceeding 12; e.g., some programs will accept one course, others two). Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with the graduate coordinator in the program's faculty to discuss specifics. An 800-level credit form must be completed and approved at the beginning of the semester for which dual credit is sought.

Accelerated Master's eligible programs