Women's Studies (WS)


Course numbers with the # symbol included (e.g. #400) have not been taught in the last 3 years.

WS 832 - Feminist Theory

Credits: 4

A multidisciplinary introduction to some of the major conversations and methodologies in feminist theory (e.g., materialist feminism, standpoint epistemologies, psychoanalysis, discourses of sexuality and the body, transnational feminism, postcolonialism and decolonization). Critical readings of landmark and more recent feminist texts, and discussion of gender in relation to other categories of analysis including sexuality, race, class, nation, disability and religion.

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

WS 895 - Directed Study

Credits: 1-4

Independent study of advanced or specialized topics requiring extensive reading and writing. To be elected only with permission of the Department Chair and of the supervising faculty member.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits.

Equivalent(s): WS 899

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

WS 898 - Colloquium in Feminist Studies

Credits: 4

An advanced course on a topic to be chosen by the instructor. Please inquire at the Women’s Studies office for a full course description each time the course is offered. Examples include Equality, Privacy and Consent; Queer Theory; Transnational Feminisms; Major Women Writers.

Grade Mode: Letter Grading