Resource Administration & Management (RAM)

RAM 867 - Social Impact Assessment

Credits: 4

A cross-disciplinary perspective on the issues, problems, and methods of Social Impact Assessment (SIA). The analytic approach and theoretical framework provided applied to the assessment of very diverse events--changes in the natural environment, local economy, or dominant technology. SIA is required of most U.S. and Canadian federal and state sponsored projects that come under the National Environmental Protection Act, to include tourism, park and recreation development, highways, reservoirs, timber production, hazardous waste disposal, as well as policy issues. SIA is also required for all projects funded by international donor agencies such as USIA, the World Bank, and private international development agencies.

RAM 896 - Investigations

Credits: 2-4

A) Resource Administration; B) Resource Management; C) Resource Policy; D) Public Laws and Resources. Prereq: permission. May be repeated.

RAM 911 - Natural and Environmental Resource Management

Credits: 4

Fundamental economic, aesthetic, and ethical principles involved in the management of natural resources. Ways to apply these principles in the formulation and evaluation of resource management policies, including the management of specific renewable resources, soils, water, forests, and wildlife. Prereq: permission. (Also offered as RECO 911.) (Offered every other year.)