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MKTĀ 805 - Marketing for Nonprofits

Credits: 3

The course explores the use of traditional and nontraditional channels to promote nonprofits to an array of actual and potential audiences for a variety of purposes. Most nonprofit organizations must be visible to the public in order to fulfill their missions. Nonprofit leaders must know how to promote their organizations to current and potential supporters, the broader public, and the mass media. Topics include program and organizational branding, targeting respective audiences, preparing materials for greatest effect, applying social media as appropriate.

Equivalent(s): MKTG 805G

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Analyze the relationship of nonprofits to their target audiences from a marketing management perspective.
  2. Apply marketing mix principles including the use of analytic software segmentation and social media to develop and communicate the organization's value proposition, build a brand, and seek multiple funding sources to support sustainability.
  3. Differentiate and contrast between the range of marketing media and outlets, including social media and new technologies, and the advantages and disadvantages they pose for marketing.
  4. Develop benchmarks and milestones to incrementally achieve strategic marketing objectives.

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