Plant Biology (PBIO)

PBIO 899 - Master's Thesis

Credits: 1-10

May be repeated up to a maximum of 10 credits. Cr/F.

Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 10 credits.

PBIO #995 - Investigations

Credits: 1-6

Supervised projects in selected areas of plant biology. A) Systematic Botany; B) Physiology; C) Pathology; D) Anatomy; E) Morphology; F) Ecology; G) Phycology; H) Mycology; I) Cell Biology; J) Cell Physiology; K) Microtechnique; L) Cell and Tissue Culture; M) Genetics; N) Crop Management; O) Developmental Plant Biology; P) Scientific Writing; Q) History of Botany; R) Teaching in Plant Biology; S) Plant Growth Research and Modeling. Prereq: permission.