Operations Management (OPS) CPSO


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OPSĀ 800 - Principles of Operations Management

Credits: 3

The purpose of this elective within the MSPM program is to enable students an opportunity to learn about the functions an operations manager provides and the different purposes of each function. In this course, students will explore the multidisciplinary roles of operations managers including budgetary obligations, performance management, and a variety of objectives to achieve in support of the organization's operational and strategic goals. The course will provide opportunities to integrate functions and processes such as determining resource requirements, risk analyses, and budgets, with similar functions required of an operations manager.

Equivalent(s): OPS 800G

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Apply critical thinking and scientific approach to problem solving.
  2. Apply learned concepts of constraint management, quality management, and other operations functions when developing and managing integrated project schedules.
  3. Effectively communicate in several methods and to differing audiences.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge growth in operations management.

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