Microbiology (MICR)

MICR 805 - Immunology

Credits: 3

An introduction to the fundamental mechanisms of immune function. Topics include the cells and organs of the immune system, humoral and cellular immune responses, the generation of immune cells, and how immune cells fight various infectious pathogens. Prereq: introductory microbiology and lab.

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

MICR 815 - Immunology Laboratory

Credits: 2

This applied immunology laboratory course highlights both historic and current methodologies important for elucidation and diagnosis of immune function. Techniques used to study phagocytosis, antibody production, immunodiffusion, and T-cell function will be introduced. Applications of the antibody technologies to other scientific disciplines (ELISA, immunofluorescence microscopy, immunoblotting, etc.) will also be covered. Prereq: General microbiology course with lab. Special Fee.

Co-requisite: MICR 805

Grade Mode: Letter Grading