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IDISĀ 805 - Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Credits: 3

This course will guide students as they develop the necessary skills to identify, access, and incorporate the best available evidence using valid and reliable sources to make informed decisions. Students will explore the process of developing knowledge, innovation, and quality improvement principles of evidence-based decision-making. Ethical standards for protecting human subjects are integrated throughout the course.

Equivalent(s): IDIS 805G

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Evaluate appropriate and credible sources to inform decisions.
  2. Apply principles of evidence-based practice to inform decision making.
  3. Integrate valid and reliable information/evidence as the basis for evidence-based decision making.
  4. Discuss the ethical requirements to implement/translate evidence in decision-making including the ethics of conducting research with human subjects.
  5. Examine how evidence-based decision-making provides a framework for effective planning.

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