Resource Economics (RECO)

RECO 808 - Environmental Economics

Credits: 4

Environmental pollution, the market economy, and optimal resource allocation; alternative control procedures; levels of environmental protection and public policy; property right issues. Prereq: intermediate microeconomic theory; permission.

RECO #811 - Marine Resource Economics

Credits: 4

Economic overview of the marine environment; interactions/conflicts surrounding this multiple-use resource. Economics of fisheries; marine recreation; aquaculture; endangered species; non-market ecosystem services. Prereq: EREC 411, ECON 401 or ECON 402 or equivalent or permission. (Offered every other semester.)

RECO 856 - Rural and Regional Economic Development

Credits: 4

Concepts and methods of delineating regional economies, methods of measuring activity, regional development, and public policies. Emphasis on empirical research studies. Prereq: intermediate economy theory or permission. (Offered every year.)

RECO 911 - Natural and Environmental Resource Management

Credits: 4

Fundamental economic, aesthetic, and ethical principles involved in the management of natural resources and ways to apply these principles in the formulation and evaluation of resource-management policies including the management of specific renewable resources, soils, water, forests, and wildlife. (Also offered as RAM 911.) Prereq: permission. (Offered every other year.)

Equivalent(s): RAM 911