Health Management & Policy (HMP)


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HMP 933 - Quality and Process Improvement in Healthcare

Credits: 3

This course introduces analytics tools to improve healthcare quality and processes. Topics include quality measures and indicators, project and change management, six sigma components, and lean. A majority of the course will focus on using data relevant tools, and techniques for each of the six-sigma phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC). Define and measure phases start with a review of probability and distribution rules and various descriptive analytics tools. These phases also include development and application of process maps, flow charts, Pareto charts, relationship matrix, and written procedures. Analyze phase includes hypothesis testing and design of experiments. Improve and control phases include root cause analysis, statistical process control, and lean tools.

Equivalent(s): NURS 933

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Explain what six sigma is, and its data-driven management requirements.
  2. Understand what constitutes a measurable QI project including global and specific aims, implementation plan, and identifying key performance indicators.
  3. Visualize a process or system through process maps, value stream maps, and SIPOC models.
  4. Explore various models of sharing/visualizing data to ensure the presentation captures the audience's attention, understanding, business needs, and desired objective for action or support.
  5. Use Statistical Process Control to assess process performance over time and baseline current state performance.
  6. Examine data for quality issues and learn how to evaluate the capability of measurement systems.
  7. Explore data to learn about processes, finding potential causal relationships, and building predictive analytic models for testing.
  8. Apply powerful statistical tools to find root causes of quality problems, evaluate possible solutions, evaluate impact of interventions.

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