Supply Chain Management (SCM) CPSO


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SCM 805 - Supply Chain Management

Credits: 2

In this course, students explore the management and flow of materials in a typical enterprise supply chain, be it within a production facility or the health care industry. Students examine a complete overview of material flow, from internal and external sources, to and from the enterprise, and the impact a global supply chain can have on an organization's success in meeting demands. Topics covered include basic elements of a supply chain, enterprise resource planning (ERP), demand planning, capacity management, and inventory control.

Equivalent(s): SCM 805G

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Examine a complete overview of material flow in a typical organizational supply chain, from internal and external suppliers, to and from the enterprise.
  2. Analyze the elements of supply chain management, just-in-time (JIT), total quality management (TQM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), demand planning, and capacity management.
  3. Explore the concepts of constraints and level scheduling, and the impact of globalization on the organizational supply chains.

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