Health & Human Services (HHS)


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HHS 810 - Introduction to Telehealth

Credits: 3

This course focuses on the ever-changing landscape of telehealth through the lens of various health disciplines. Students will explore topics such as the digital divide, telepresence, ethics, telehealth technology, and current practices in telehealth. In addition to completing weekly modules that span a variety of key telehealth topics, students will work collaboratively at a distance to create a multi-media project focused on a telehealth topic of interest.

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Describe telehealth and how it is utilized in their field of study/practice.
  2. Identify benefits, challenges and opportunities related to the integration of telehealth.
  3. Apply key concepts of ethical practice in their discipline to considerations for the use of telehealth.
  4. List important considerations for successful telepresence.
  5. Apply their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other healthcare professionals to discussions and assignments focused on telehealth practice.

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HHS 898 - Special Topics

Credits: 1-8

Special Topics. Special fee on some topics.

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

Special Fee: Yes