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APST 805 - Grant Writing

Credits: 3

This course prepares participants to effectively write different types of grant narratives based on organizational need(s). Topics may include the strategic purpose of grants, basic grant elements, effective grant-writing strategies, and grant management and stewardship process and tools.

Equivalent(s): APST 805G

Grade Mode: Letter Grading

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  1. Compare and contrast the purpose of different types of grants and analyze their respective roles in advancing an organization’s short-term and long-term health.
  2. Illustrate the importance of each element within a grant narrative and how it contributes to an effective grant ask.
  3. Evaluate and apply research strategies to identify funding sources for nonprofit organizations participating in the class.
  4. Compare and contrast process(es), inputs, and tools required to produce, write, and manage grants that address different organizational needs.
  5. dentify and prioritize the importance of supporting documents that generally accompany grant narratives and analyze their purpose.
  6. Construct well-edited writing that communicates the appropriate means by which a proposed sequence of activities will meet different kinds of organizational needs and the philanthropic priorities of a funder.

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