Operations, Supply Chain, and Logistics Minor


This minor explores how the fast and efficient flow of products in from suppliers and out to customers ensures growth in revenue that would otherwise be unobtainable.
NOTE: This minor may not be declared with the following major: BS Operations, Supply Chain, and Logistics Management.
Students will have the opportunity to:
1. Develop knowledge of supply chain management theories, approaches and practices.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of logistics, the global business environment, purchasing practices, and relationship management through course projects.

All minor courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-, and a 2.0 grade point average must be maintained in courses for the minor. Two courses must be at the upper level (600 or 700). Only one overlap is allowed between major and minor.

Minor Requirements

SCM 570Supply Chain Purchasing Management4
SCM 610Supply Chain Management4
SCM 715Logistics Management4
MGMT 642International and Cross-Cultural Management4
MGMT 680Global Business4
Total Credits20