Business Major: Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Option (A.S.)

The Associate in Science degree in Business is designed for students interested in gaining a solid foundation in the field of business. The program includes an overview of general management theory and introduces students to the fundamental concepts of economics, marketing, finance, and organizational behavior. Students are able to further customize their degree by choosing from an array of three-course concentrations to gain specialized knowledge. This degree prepares students for a smooth transition to the B.S. in Business Management or related degree.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 60 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 16 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum GPA: 2.0 required for conferral*
Core Curriculum Required: General Education Program

Major, Option, and Elective Requirements as indicated.
*Major GPA requirements as indicated.

General Education Program Requirements

A minimum grade of D- is required in all General Education coursework. Students are allowed a maximum of one course overlap between the Major and General Education areas.

ENG 420The Writing Process4
COM 460Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics4
COM 480Visual Communication4
CRIT 501Introduction to Critical Inquiry4
Select one of the following:4
Math for Our World
Knowledge of Human Behavior & Social Systems4
Knowledge of the Physical & Natural World4
Knowledge of Human Thought & Expression4
Total Credits32

Major Requirements

A minimum grade of C- is required in all Major and Option coursework. Students are allowed a maximum of one course overlap between the Major/Option and General Education areas.

Major in Business
APST 405Career Development and Planning2
CMPL 402Excel2
MGMT 410Principles of Management4
Select two of the following:8
Students should not take both ACCT 532 and MGMT 569 as part of their major elective group.
Financial Accounting
Principles of Economics
Human Resource Management
Budget Management
Principles of Marketing
Option in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel
HRT 600Hotel and Restaurant Management4
HRT 601Food Service Systems and Control4
HRT 635Leadership and Sustainable Tourism4
Total Credits28


Open electives are courses students will need to take in addition to their general education and major requirements in order to satisfy the remaining credit totals for their programs. Open electives are defined as any credit course offered by the College not already included in the student's general education, major, concentration or minor. Students will need 60 credits total to graduate with an associate degree.

This degree plan is a sample and does not reflect the impact of transfer credit or current course offerings. UNH CPS Online undergraduate students should develop individual academic plans with their academic advisor during their first year at UNH.

Sample Course Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
APST 405 Career Development and Planning 2
CMPL 402 Excel 2
COM 460 Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics 4
ENG 420 The Writing Process 4
MGMT 410 Principles of Management 4
CRIT 501 Introduction to Critical Inquiry 4
Select one of the following: 4
Math for Our World  
ACCT 532
Financial Accounting
or Principles of Economics
or Human Resource Management
or Budget Management
or Principles of Marketing
General Education Course 4
Second Year
COM 480 Visual Communication 4
HRT 600 Hotel and Restaurant Management 4
HRT 635 Leadership and Sustainable Tourism 4
General Education Course 4
HRT 601 Food Service Systems and Control 4
ECO 470
Principles of Economics
or Financial Accounting
or Human Resource Management
or Budget Management
or Principles of Marketing
General Education Course 4
 Total Credits60
  • Attain proficiency in the basic concepts, theories, and methods of inquiry in business.
  • Evaluate ethical principles that guide businesses.
  • Prepare for seamless transition to the Bachelor of Science in Business Management program.