Writing for Visual Media Minor


The minor in Writing for Visual Media is designed to establish specialized skills in writing for the web and various forms of media. Courses explore how to organize writing tasks, solve problems, and think critically and creatively to engage, inform, and persuade an audience using media. Students will have the opportunity to produce works tailored to a specific demographic and to hone their ability to write with clarity, precision, and purpose.
Note: This minor may not be declared with the following major: B.S. Digital Communication Design: Writing for Visual Media.
Students will have the opportunity to:
1. Describe the unique attributes and considerations associated with writing for visual media.
2. Practice writing across various modalities, to include blogging, voiceover, copy writing, landing pages, social media, mass email, and public relations.
3. Compose scripts for visual media and practice delivering them with precision and intonation.
4. Evaluate, critique, and refine writing in various stages throughout the process.

All minor courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-, and a 2.0 grade point average must be maintained in courses for the minor. Two courses must be at the upper level (600 or 700). Only one overlap is allowed between major and minor.


Minor Requirements

COM 647Writing for Visual Media4
COM 665Media and Strategic Communication4
COM 670Advanced Visual Communication4
MKT 600Social Media Marketing4
MKT 720Digital Advertising4
Total Credits20