Business and Strategic Communication Minor

The minor in Business and Strategic Communication focuses specifically on communication that is external to businesses and organizations. Extensive consideration is given to an organization’s image: how to define it, promote it, enhance it, and manage it in times of crisis. However, because a solid external image is predicated upon sound internal structure and communication, the "business communication" component of this minor encompasses topics such as: managerial communication, presentations, and leadership.
NOTE: This minor may not be declared with the following majors: BS Professional Communication: Business and Strategic Communication.
Students will have the opportunity to:
1. Assess the profound impact of an organization's external image upon its current reputation and future success.
2. Analyze strategies by which organizations establish, promote, and maintain their external image.
3. Identify strategies by which organizations manage their image in times of crisis, and how they rebuild it in the aftermath.
4. Develop knowledge of managerial communication in the areas of leadership, direction, and meetings.

All minor courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-, and a 2.0 grade point average must be maintained in courses for the minor. Two courses must be at the upper level (600 or 700). Only one overlap is allowed between major and minor.

Required Courses
COM 565Strategic Communication4
COM 590Professional Communication4
COM 710Managerial Communication4
MGMT 566Organizational Behavior4
LD 600Becoming an Effective Leader4
Total Credits20