Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner (Post Masters)

The Department of Nursing offers the Post-Master's Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program for students who completed a master of science degree in nursing. The certificate of advanced practice is designed for those individuals with a master's degree in nursing who wish to expand their practice into the role of a primary care family nurse practitioner. The PM-PC-FNP specialty area prepares nurses to provide comprehensive care that includes health promotion, maintenance and restoration for persons across the life span.

Depending on educational background and previous coursework in master's program, students accepted into the PM-PC-FNP certificate program are required to take as few as three and as many as 12 courses or 12-39 credits. Successful completion of the required curriculum qualifies the RN to sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination.

Certificate Requirements

NURS 810Families in Health and Illness3
NURS 907Advanced Pharmacology & Therapeutics3
NURS 908Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan3
NURS 909Advanced Health Assessment Across the Lifespan3
NURS 925Leadership, Role & Collaboration3
NURS 935FNP Health Management I - Didactic3
NURS 936FNP Health Management I - Clinical3
NURS 937Primary Care of Families II3
NURS 938Primary Care of Families II Practicum3
NURS 939Seminar and Practicum in the Primary Care of Families III6
NURS 944Health Promotion Theory & Population Health3
NURS 963Biostats and Epidemiology3
Applicant must submit course description for any course taken in previous graduate program they wish to have reviewed for equivalency.
Total Credits39