Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner (Post Masters)

The Department of Nursing offers the Post-Master's Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program for students who completed a master of science degree in nursing. The certificate of advanced practice is designed for those individuals with a master's degree in nursing who wish to expand their practice into the role of a primary care family nurse practitioner. The PM-PC-FNP specialty area prepares family nurse practitioners (FNP) who are clinically competent and practice with cultural humility as advanced practiced registered nurse (APRN). FNPs provide patient centered health care to individuals, families,and communities across the life span. Clinical practice includes health promotion, disease prevention, teaching, counseling, and acute and chronic disease management. At the completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for national certification as a family nurse practitioner. Upon licensure, FNPs may practice autonomously as well as in collaboration with other health professionals.

Students accepted into the PM-PC-FNP certificate program will have an individualized plan of study developed. Course waivers will be granted based upon their educational background and previous coursework in master's program. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to have an unencumbered RN license in the United States, degree in nursing or outside nursing, and successful completion of undergraduate statistics and research to be eligible to apply to this program.

  1. Unencumbered, active RN license in the United States
  2. Baccalaureate degree in nursing or another field. Masters degree in nursing. 
  3. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in associate and baccalaureate programs
  4. Successful completion of undergraduate statistics course and undergraduate research course
  5. 2 letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters submitted by relatives or friends, as well as letters older than one year, will not be accepted. References should be substantial with one academic, if available, and two current nursing professionals with graduate education background.
  6. Updated Resume
  7. Personal Statement. Prepare a brief but careful statement regarding:
    1. Reasons you wish to do graduate work in this field, including your immediate and long-range objectives.
    2. our specific research or professional interest and experiences in this field.
  8. Course descriptions should be submitted for any course you request waived.

Students accepted into the PM-FNP certificate program will have an individualized plan of study developed. Course waivers will be based upon educational background and previous coursework in master's program.

Certificate Requirements

Clinical Hours: 750*

NURS 818Foundations of Evidence Based Practice3
NURS 969Health Systems Policy, Economics & Financial Planning3
NURS 816Health Promotion Theory and Population Health3
NURS 915Leadership, Role & Collaboration3
NURS 910Genomics & Ethics3
NURS 820Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan3
NURS 812Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics3
NURS 814Advanced Health Assessment Across the Lifespan3
NURS 911Diagnosis & Management - Diagnostic Reasoning3
NURS 917Biostats and Epidemiology3
NURS 920FNP Health Management I - Didactic3
NURS 921FNP Health Management I - Clinical4
NURS 922FNP Health Management II - Didactic3
NURS 923FNP Health Management II - Clinical4
NURS 924FNP Health Management III - Didactic3
NURS 940FNP Health Management III - Clinical4

Clinical hours are completed through the following required courses NURS 921, NURS 923 and NURS 940.