Special Education Administration (Graduate Certificate)


The  Education Department offers a Graduate Certificate in Special Education Administration. This program allows educators to administer and lead special education programs. Students who pursue this Graduate Certificate must also concurrently pursue the certification for a New Hampshire Special Education Administrator. When a student completes the Graduate Certificate, they also complete the requirements for certification as a special education administrator.  These two cannot be uncoupled.

Admission Requirements

  • The applicant must possess a master's degree in special education or a closely related field.
  • The applicant must possess a current teaching license or certification in special education or an area of special education.
  • The applicant must have completed a minimum of five (5) years of experience as a special educator (full-time employment) under a license or certification in a special education area. “Experience as a special educator” entails providing special education services to special education students and shall include, but not be limited to, the roles of:
  1. General special educator
  2. School psychologist
  3. Educator of those who are:
    1. Blind and/or have a vision impairment
    2. Deaf and/or hard of hearing
  4. Educator of those who have:
    1. Learning disabilities
    2. Intellectual and developmental disabilities
    3. Physical and health disabilities
    4. Emotional and behavioral disabilities
  • The applicant must provide two letters of recommendation. At least one must be a letter of recommendation or an evaluation from their supervisor(s) that demonstrated that they have worked with students with disabilities in approved schools or programs, and that documents progressively responsible experience over time.
  • For additional requirements, please see the Application Requirements & Deadlines section of the degree homepage. 

In order to receive the Graduate Certificate in Special Education Administration, the matriculated student must complete all requirements for New Hampshire state certification as a Special Education Administrator. At least 16 credits must be passed after admission to the Graduate Certificate program.

UNH courses used to meet the requirements for New Hampshire state certification as a Special Education Administrator are listed below. Since an M.Ed. in Special Education is required for admission, it is expected that matriculated students will have previously completed most of the Special Education courses at UNH or equivalent courses at other schools. Admitted students will work with their academic advisor to determine an appropriate plan of study based on prior coursework. Students typically need to complete between 16 and 24 credits to receive the certificate. 

Special Education Courses: 1
EDUC 839Equitable Assessment and Individualized Educational Planning: Building Access and Agency4
EDUC 840Advanced Methods for Inclusive Curricular Design and Teaching: Building Access and Agency, Part II4
EDUC 850Introduction to Disability in Inclusive Schools and Communities4
EDUC 856Advocating for Diverse and Inclusive Family-School-Community Partnerships4
EDUC 956Developing Positive Behavior Supports to Ensure Success for All Learners4
EDUC 959Issues in Education (or equivalent) 24
Administration Courses:
EDUC 962Educational Finance and Business Management4
EDUC 964Human Resources in Education4
EDUC 974Educational Administrative Internship4
EDUC 977Leadership: The District Level Administrator4

To meet requirements for New Hampshire state certification as a Special Education Administrator, students must also complete or have completed a course in Special Education Laws and Regulations.


Equivalent courses are determined in consultation with an academic advisor.