Common Areas

The University strives to create an atmosphere of respectful, diverse opinion and expression. Although our community aspires to extend this atmosphere into student residential facilities, it is important to note that residences are unlike other campus facilities, and that some kinds of expressive conduct are subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions. Students are expected to use good judgment when engaging in expressive conduct or displaying material in the common areas of the residence hall. These include any areas outside of a student room, including lounges, hallways, common bathrooms, public kitchens, and hallway doors where community members must pass every day and therefore cannot avoid. The display of materials in the common areas shall be defined to include, but not be limited to, photographs, posters, written materials, videos, and live performances.

  1. Students and guests are prohibited from displaying material in common areas that disrupt or would likely disrupt the educational mission of the University, including, but not limited to, materials that are pornographic, obscene or create a hostile environment sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the conditions of other residents’ ability to sleep, study or repose.
  2. Students and guests are prohibited from displaying materials that are harassing or threatening to others. Please refer to the UNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment policy for more information.
  3. Videos shown in the common areas shall comply with all applicable copyright laws.
  4. Taking furniture or other items from common spaces and placing them in student room or apartment is prohibited.
  5. Overnight sleeping in common areas is prohibited.
  6. Single-use bathrooms, as well as common bathroom shower and bath stalls, are single use only.