Safety and Security

Part of the obligation of community living is to help safeguard the living environment. Students are reminded that they share in the responsibility for the security of their rooms and the buildings in which they live. Students are strongly encouraged to keep their rooms/apartments locked at all times and also to report individuals who appear to be tampering with locks, damaging facilities, harassing students, or behaving suspiciously. Students are advised to be particularly security-minded at times of check-in, holiday breaks, check-out, or when fewer residents are in the residential facilities.

The following behaviors can compromise the security of other students and are prohibited.

  1. Giving personal keys, ID card, or lock combination to another person
  2. Leaving keys or ID card in a public space 
  3. Propping open any door to the outside
  4. Attempting to force open any secured door
  5. Interfering with the locking mechanism of any door
  6. Tampering with or other misuse of elevators or hall equipment
  7. Allowing individuals to  enter the building without using their own entry card
  8. Removing a window screen
  9. Damaging any door, lock, or window
  10. Climbing through windows, being on ledges, porticos or roofs
  11. Throwing objects out of windows or from roofs of building.
  12. Mounting a television, radio antennae, and/or any other object that is placed outside the room window or anywhere on the exterior of the building or adjacent grounds.  The International Connection residence hall, with the prior approval of the Director of Residential Life, will be permitted to fly their international flags on Opening Weekend and for specific campus-wide events sponsored by the International Connection residence hall.