Psychology (M.A.)

A new Accelerated BA/MA in Psychology has been approved for Academic Catalog year 2021/2022.

The Department of Psychology also offers a five-year program of study leading to the B.A. and M.A. degrees. The basic goal of the program is the development of behavioral scientists who have a broad knowledge of psychology and can carry out sound research in an area of specialization. Although some students seek employment outside academia, the program is oriented toward developing the skills required by the research psychologist who intends to seek admission to a Ph.D. program. Students who wish to apply to this program should submit a complete graduate application to the graduate school, though without GREs, during the fall or spring of the student's third year. As well, they should arrange to work with a particular faculty member who will serve as a preceptor for the Paper of Publishable Quality - Thesis project.

Areas in which the student may specialize are brain, behavior and cognition; developmental psychology; or social psychology/personality. The department does not offer training in clinical or counseling psychology.

Courses will be listed in the 2021/2022 Academic Catalog.