Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a master of science degree. The department offers studies leading to specialization in the following six concentrations:

  • Fluid Dynamics and Thermal science
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Materials Science
  • Design and Manufacturing 
  • Dynamic Systems and Control
  • Ocean Engineering
Degree Requirements
Select 24 credit hours of course work 124
ME 899Master's Thesis8
Total Credits32

The coursework must include at least two 900-level courses (3 or more credits each).

All full-time graduate students are required to attend a weekly Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar and make one presentation per year.

A “B” average (3.00 GPA) with no grade below “B­-” is required in all the coursework. No more than 12 credit hours from UNH graduate courses (8 credit hours from non­-UNH graduate courses) taken prior to admission to the Graduate School may be applied to the master's degree.

Note: An oral examination (thesis defense) covering the candidate's graduate work is conducted and a thesis is prepared in accordance with the Graduate School rules.

  • A deep understanding of at least one core area of Mechanical engineering (e.g., solid mechanics and mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics and thermal science, systems and controls, ocean engineering. [MS/PhD]
  • A broader understanding of at 1-2 areas of Mechanical Engineering that are different from the area of research of the student's thesis. [MS/PhD]
  • Ability to think critically and creatively in defining research questions and to outline strategies of inquiry. [MS/PhD]
  • Ability to document research outcomes comprehensively for publication. [MS/PhD]
  • Ability to communicate research results to scientific audience in conferences. [PhD]
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other peers. [MS/PhD]