Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a master of science degree. The department offers studies leading to specialization in the following six concentrations:

  • Fluid Dynamics and Thermal science
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Materials Science
  • Design and Manufacturing 
  • Dynamic Systems and Control
  • Ocean Engineering
Degree Requirements
Select 24 credit hours of course work 124
ME 899Master's Thesis8
Total Credits32

The coursework must include at least two 900-level courses (3 or more credits each).

All full-time graduate students are required to attend a weekly Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar and make one presentation per year.

A “B” average (3.00 GPA) with no grade below “B­-” is required in all the coursework. No more than 12 credit hours from UNH graduate courses (8 credit hours from non­-UNH graduate courses) taken prior to admission to the Graduate School may be applied to the master's degree.

Note: An oral examination (thesis defense) covering the candidate's graduate work is conducted and a thesis is prepared in accordance with the Graduate School rules.

This graduate program is approved to be taken on an accelerated basis in articulation with certain undergraduate degree programs.

General Accelerated Master's policy, note that some programs have additional requirements (e.g. higher grade expectations) compared to the policy.

Please see the Graduate School website and contact the department directly for more information.

  • A deep understanding of at least one core area of Mechanical engineering (e.g., solid mechanics and mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics and thermal science, systems and controls, ocean engineering. [MS/PhD]
  • A broader understanding of at 1-2 areas of Mechanical Engineering that are different from the area of research of the student's thesis. [MS/PhD]
  • Ability to think critically and creatively in defining research questions and to outline strategies of inquiry. [MS/PhD]
  • Ability to document research outcomes comprehensively for publication. [MS/PhD]
  • Ability to communicate research results to scientific audience in conferences. [PhD]
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other peers. [MS/PhD]