Leadership (M.S.)


The Master of Science in Leadership (MSLD) is designed to meet the needs of professionals in every industry who want to enhance their leadership skills while also gaining a deeper perspective of organizational management.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 30 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 30 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum GPA: 3.0

Major in Leadership 1
LD 820Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities3
LD 821Ethical Decision-Making3
COM 800Foundations of Organizational Communication3
LD 823Emergence of a Strategic Leader3
LD 804Leading Teams3
LD 810Change Management and Communication3
IDIS 805Evidence-Based Decision-Making3
Elective Options
Complete six credits from the following:6
Grant Writing
Fundraising and Resource Development
Volunteer Leadership
Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations
Conflict Management & Negotiation
Building Diverse & Multicultural Organizations
Organizational Behavior
Introduction to Project Management
Project Chartering and Planning
Integrative Capstone:
LD 850Leadership Integrative Capstone3
Total Credits30

Graduate credit is only granted for courses completed with a grade of B-­ or higher.

Please review the Accelerated Masters qualifications, requirements, and academic policy.

Recommended MSLD Accelerated Option (4+1):

Undergraduate Senior year (12 credits)
Four 800-level courses:
LD 820 Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities
LD 804 Leading Teams
LD 810 Change Management and Communication
MGMT 805 Organizational Behavior

Matriculation year term one (6 credits)
Two 800-level courses

Matriculation year term two (6 credits)
Two 800-level courses.

Matriculation year term semester (6 credits)
IDIS 805 Evidence-Based Decision-Making
LD 850 Leadership Integrative Capstone

The Leadership M.S. is approved to be taken on an accelerated basis in articulation with the following undergraduate programs:

Applied Studies: Management (B.S.)
Approved Courses
LD 820Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities3
LD 832Building Diverse & Multicultural Organizations3
MGMT 805Organizational Behavior3
Business Management: Leadership, Change, and Social Responsibility (B.S.)
Approved Courses
LD 820Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities3
LD 804Leading Teams3
MGMT 805Organizational Behavior3
Business Management: Nonprofit Management (B.S.)
Approved Courses
LD 825Volunteer Leadership3
APST 805Grant Writing3
LD 806Fundraising and Resource Development3
LD 827Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations3
Public Administration (B.S.)
Approved Courses
LD 820Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities3
LD 825Volunteer Leadership3
APST 805Grant Writing3
LD 806Fundraising and Resource Development3

Students will have the opportunity to:     

  • Assess and enrich their capacity to lead in today’s environment;
  • Identify the components of leadership practice and present ways to implement them;
  • Evaluate organizational relationships and their ability to contribute to organizational effectiveness;
  • Assess their ethical framework in the context of an effective leadership model;
  • Augment their ability to lead people and teams to excellence in projects and organizational settings;
  • Develop theoretically-grounded plans to manage change and actualize vision within organizations.