Justice Studies (M.A.)


The Master of Arts degree program in Justice Studies (MAJS) provides a broad understanding of justice, crime, and law.  It provides tools for reasoned appraisal of how the justice system works and what policies underlie it. The program familiarizes students with legal and justice ideas, justice institutions, and legal processes. It draws on a variety of disciplines, subjects, and research methodologies for its core knowledge. Our students work closely with faculty with established reputations as scholars, teachers, and practitioners.  

Degree Requirements

The master of arts in justice studies requires that students complete a minimum of nine courses (36 credit hours) in justice studies from the following list:

Required Courses
JUST 830Theories of Justice4
JUST 901Pro-seminar: Introduction to Justice Studies4
JUST 905Quantitative Research Methods4
JUST 907Applied Research Methods4
Select one of the following:4
Criminological Theory
Special Topics
Crime and Conflict
Special Topics
Concluding Experience
Select Option A or B from the below:8
Option A:
Culminating Project
JUST 950
Option B:
Masters Thesis
Select two courses if taking JUST 899 or two courses plus JUST 950 if taking JUST 8978
Total Credits36


EDUC 867Students, Teachers, and the Law4
EDUC 897Special Topics in Education (must be approved by Justice Studies)1-4
EDUC 967School Law4
EDUC 968Collective Bargaining in Public Education4
HDFS 876Children, Adolescents and the Law4
HDFS 894Families and the Law4
HIST 809United States Legal History Special Topics (must be approved by Justice Studies)4
HIST #949Colloquium in United States History (must be approved by Justice Studies)3
JUST 801Graduate Seminar in Justice Studies4
JUST 9504
JUST 995Reading and Research1-4
POLT #801Courts and Public Policy3
POLT #808Administrative Law3
PSYC 954Advanced Seminar in Social Psychology (must be approved by Justice Studies)4
SW 897Special Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare (must be approved by Justice Studies)2 or 3
SW 979Social Work and the Law3
SOC 820Sociology of Drug Use4
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of justice studies concepts and literature.
  • Effectively communicate Justice Studies concepts and research.
  • Present and interpret quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Demonstrate the technical skills and ethical skills that are appropriate for a practitioner (internship/project option) or researcher (thesis option) working in the justice field.