Human Services Administration (M.S.)

The Master of Science in Human Services Administration (MSHSA) prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead in human services agencies or organizations. Students will integrate methods of leadership, management and administration, ethical decision making, and program planning and evaluation in an interprofessional learning environment. The MSHSA provides graduates with the education needed to assume roles as administrators, managers, or leaders within the human service industry.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 30 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 30 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum GPA: 3.0

Major in Human Services Administration 1
HMSV 800Principles of Human Service Management3
HMSV 803Administration of Human Service Organizations3
HMSV 805Ethical and Legal Practices in Human Services3
LD 827Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations3
LD 832Building Diverse & Multicultural Organizations3
PM 800Introduction to Project Management3
Select three from the following:9
Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
Health Care Delivery and Innovations
Advocacy and Health Policy
Foundations of Organizational Communication
Integrative Capstone:
HMSV 850Human Services Administration Integrative Capstone3
Total Credits30

Graduate credit is only granted for courses completed with a grade of B-­ or higher.

Please review the Accelerated Masters qualifications, requirements, and academic policy.

Recommended Accelerated Option (4+1):

Undergraduate Senior year: (up to 9 Graduate Credits)
Fall: HMSV 805 Ethical and Legal Practices in Human Services
Spring: HMSV 800 Principles of Human Service Management and 800-Level Elective

Matriculated year Summer: (Up to 6 Graduate Credits)
800-Level Electives

Matriculation year Fall semester: (Up to 9 Graduate Credits)
PM 800 Introduction to Project Management
800-Level Electives

Matriculation year Spring semester: (Up to 6 Graduate Credits)
HMSV 803 Administration of Human Service Organizations
HMSV 850 Human Services Administration Integrative Capstone

The Human Services Administration M.S. is approved to be taken on an accelerated basis in articulation with the following undergraduate programs:

  • Human Services: Addiction Studies B.S.
  • Human Services: Applied Psychology B.S.
  • Human Services: Counseling Foundation B.S.
  • Human Services: Court Advocacy B.S.
  • Human Services: Education Advocacy B.S.
  • Human Services: Family Studies B.S.
  • Human Services: Wellness and Prevention B.S.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Integrate historical perspectives and emerging trends related to human services;
  • Evaluate the interaction of human systems including individual, interpersonal, group, family, organizational, community, and societal.
  • Compare and contrast human services delivery systems and organizations;
  • Develop knowledge and skill in disciplined inquiry and information literacy;
  • Develop program planning and evaluation that assist individuals and groups in promoting optimal functioning, growth, and goal attainment;
  • Integrate knowledge, theory, and skills in administrative aspects of human services;
  • Apply legal and ethical standards relevant to human service delivery;
  • Synthesize the knowledge, theory, skills, and professional behaviors that are congruent with the human services profession.