Organizational Psychology (Minor)

This minor explores the crossover of psychology and business by studying the principles of individual, group, and organizational behavior and applying this knowledge to the solution of problems at work. Principles include organizational culture, stress and conflict in the workplace, and maintaining psychological health within the context of work and organizations.
NOTE: This minor may not be declared with the following majors: BS Applied Psychology: Organizational Psychology, BS Business Management: Organizational Psychology, or BS Human Resource Management.
Students will have the opportunity to:
1. Discuss the role of groups in organizations and how they can influence organizational decision-making, efficiency, and effectiveness.
2. Articulate the nature of interpersonal dynamics within organizational systems that facilitate or impede functionality and affect the change process in organizations.
3. Describe the elements of occupational health and the effects of job stress and how to reduce it.

All minor courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-, and a 2.0 grade point average must be maintained in courses for the minor. Two courses must be at the upper level (600 or 700). Only one overlap is allowed between major and minor.


Minor Requirements

MGMT 566Organizational Behavior4
HRM 580Change Management4
PSY 646Psychology of Occupational Stress4
SOCI 603Work and Society4
Select one of the following:4
Managing Conflict
Workplace Coaching
Organizational Communication
Total Credits20