Applied Psychology Major: Court Advocacy Option (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology provides an understanding of human behavior within a socio-cultural context. Students explore the variables affecting human behavior within both individual and group settings. The major positions students for either post-college employment or advanced education. The court advocacy option introduces students to the issues associated with supporting individuals as they navigate the criminal justice system.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 120 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 30 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 is required for conferral*
Core Curriculum Required: General Education Program
Major, Option and Elective Requirements as indicated.
*GPA: Major and any state certification GPA requirements may be higher and are indicated in program details.
A minimum grade of C- is required in all Major coursework. Some programs may have higher grade requirements for Major coursework as noted in the Major requirements section below. Students are allowed a maximum of two course overlaps. Overlaps can be used between Major, Minor, and General Education requirements with only one overlap being utilized between the Major and Minor. Please note that Option requirements are considered part of the Major. Students must complete 16 upper-level credits in majors within the College of Professional Studies, Online.

General Education Program Requirements

A minimum grade of D- is required in all General Education coursework. Students are allowed a maximum of two course overlaps. Overlaps can be used between Major, Minor and General Education requirements with only one overlap being utilized between the Major and Minor.

All General Education requirements, including CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking and IDIS 601 Interdisciplinary Seminar, must be taken prior to the capstone.

ENG 420The Writing Process4
COM 460Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics4
COM 480Visual Communication4
CRIT 501Introduction to Critical Inquiry4
Select one of the following:4
Math for Our World
Knowledge of Human Behavior & Social Systems4
Knowledge of the Physical & Natural World4
Knowledge of Human Thought & Expression4
CRIT 602Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking4
IDIS 601Interdisciplinary Seminar4
Total Credits40

Writing Program Requirements

All bachelor's degree candidates are required to complete four writing intensive courses as part of the University Writing Program Requirements as follows:

The Writing Process
One Writing Intensive course in the Major
One Writing Intensive course at the 600-level or above
One Additional Writing Intensive Course

Writing Intensive courses are identified with the label "Writing Intensive Course" in the "Attributes" section of the course description and/or a W following the course number.

Major Requirements

Prior to capstone enrollment, students are expected to complete the majority of their required major courses along with CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking and IDIS 601 Interdisciplinary Seminar. Students should consult with their advisor regarding specific major courses that may be completed with their capstone. Academic Advisor approval is required for registration to be processed.

Major in Applied Psychology
Foundation Courses
PSY 410Introduction to Psychology4
PSY 470Child Development4
or PSY 525 Human Development
PSY 530Social Psychology4
or SOSC 602 Men and Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
or SOCI 601 Society and the Individual
MTH 504Statistics4
Intermediate Courses
PSY 602Theories of Personality4
or PSY 685 Principles of Psychopathology
IDIS 560Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences4
Major Electives
Select one of the following:4
Terrorism: Domestic and International
Internship in Behavioral Science
Juvenile Justice
Organizational Behavior
Social Psychology
Theories of Personality
Crisis Intervention
Educational Psychology
Psychology of Adulthood
Psychology of Occupational Stress
Counseling Theories
Principles of Assessment
Principles of Psychopathology
Language Acquisition
Child Abuse and Neglect
Men and Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Advanced Courses
PSY 725Cognitive Psychology4
PSY 740Biopsychology4
Option in Court Advocacy
CRIM 410Introduction to Criminology4
CRIM 555The Criminal Justice System4
CRIM 645Crime Victim Rights and Remedies4
CRIM 425Juvenile Justice4
or CRIM 707 Constitutional Law
or SOCI 675 Child Abuse and Neglect
Integrative Capstone
PSY 795Integrative Capstone: Internship in Applied Psychology4
or PSY 797 Integrative Capstone: Project in Applied Psychology
Total Credits56


Open electives are courses students will need to take in addition to their general education and major requirements in order to satisfy the remaining credit totals for their programs. Open electives are defined as any credit course offered by the College not already included in the student's general education, major, option or minor. Students will need 120 credits total to graduate with a bachelor's degree from the Online Division of the College of Professional Studies.

This degree plan is a sample and does not reflect the impact of transfer credit or current course offerings. UNH CPS Online undergraduate students should develop individual academic plans with their academic advisor during their first year at UNH.

Sample Course Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ENG 420 The Writing Process 4
PSY 410 Introduction to Psychology 4
General Education Course 4
Open Elective 4
COM 460 Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics 4
CRIT 501 Introduction to Critical Inquiry 4
MTH 402
Math for Our World
or Statistics
or Pre-Calculus
PSY 470
Child Development
or Human Development
Second Year
COM 480 Visual Communication 4
MTH 504 Statistics 4
PSY 530
Social Psychology
or Men and Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
or Society and the Individual
General Education Course 4
IDIS 560 Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences 4
PSY 602
Theories of Personality
or Principles of Psychopathology
Major Elective 4
General Education Course 4
Third Year
CRIM 410 Introduction to Criminology 4
CRIM 555 The Criminal Justice System 4
CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking 4
Elective 4
CRIM 645 Crime Victim Rights and Remedies 4
CRIM 425
Juvenile Justice
or Constitutional Law
or Child Abuse and Neglect
PSY 725 Cognitive Psychology 4
Elective 4
Fourth Year
IDIS 601 Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
PSY 740 Biopsychology 4
Elective 4
Elective 4
PSY 797
Integrative Capstone: Project in Applied Psychology
or Integrative Capstone: Internship in Applied Psychology
Elective 4
 Total Credits120
  • Differentiate and critically analyze biological, developmental, cognitive, and sociocultural theories that provide an understanding of behavior and communicate this knowledge effectively.
  • Use computer technology, as well as quantitative and scientific reasoning, to function as informed consumers of psychological research.
  • Apply ethical principles that guide and inform the conduct of research and clinical practice.