Equine Studies Minor


The equine studies minor at UNH will allow you to pursue your interest in horsemanship while also getting an introduction to equine science, equine industry and management, and equine-assisted activities and therapies. You’ll be able to explore equine care and management, equine health, and equine anatomy while also working with horses to develop professional equine skills. Combine this minor with a major such as biology, business, agriculture, or human-service-related fields to expand your possibilities for an equine-related career or further studies.

Students interested in the minor in equine studies should contact Sarah Rigg.

A minor in equine studies consists of a minimum of 20 credits of equine-related animal science courses.

  • ANSC 402 may be counted only once for minor credit.
  • Students MUST take either ANSC 504 Equine Physiology or ANSC 437 Equine Husbandry Techniques.
  • Students may count either ANSC 422 or ANSC 522 for minor credit, but they may not count both.
  • Students may count either ANSC 548 or ANSC 635 for minor credit, but they may not count both.
  • Students must receive a minimum grade of C- in any course used for the minor. Students failing to do this will need to retake the course in order to receive credit.
  • No courses taken on a pass(credit)/fail basis may count toward the minor.
  • No more than 12 credits at the 400-level may be used for the minor.
  • Students may petition equine faculty in their junior year to include a course that is not listed.
  • Students must take at least one course at the 600- or 700-level.
  • Students who transfer from other institutions may petition the equine program faculty for course approval.
  • Students who choose both ANSC 500 and ANSC 643 as two of their courses toward the minor in equine studies will be eligible for PATH International therapeutic riding instructor certification.
Required Course
ANSC 437Equine Husbandry Techniques4
Select a minimum of 16 credits from the following electives:
AAS 434Equipment and Facilities Management3
ANSC 402Horsemanship Lab1
ANSC 405Theory of Horsemanship2
ANSC 419Horse Power4
ANSC 422Introduction to Horsemanship Theory3
or ANSC 522 Ethical Horsemanship - Considerations and Theory
ANSC 426Equine Conformation and Lameness4
ANSC 500Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies4
ANSC 504Equine Physiology4
ANSC #507Survey of Equine Training Techniques3
ANSC 536Preparation and Competition Techniques for the Modern Sport Horse4
ANSC 538Equine Handling/Longeing1
ANSC 546Animal Business Applications4
ANSC 547Equine Stable Management3
ANSC 548Agricultural Business Management4
or ANSC 635 Nonprofit Management for Agriculture Business
ANSC 640Principles of Riding Instruction4
ANSC 641Principles of Dressage Instruction2
ANSC 642Principles of Jumping Instruction2
ANSC 643Principles of Therapeutic Riding Instruction4
ANSC 665Agricultural & Equine Event Design, Planning and Management2
ANSC 695Supervised Teaching Experience 11-2
ANSC 724Reproductive Management and Artificial Insemination4
ANSC 725Equine Sports Medicine4
ANSC 744Advanced Concepts in Therapeutic Riding Instruction4
ANSC 795Investigations 11-4
ANSC 795WInvestigations 11-4
ANSC 799Honors Senior Thesis 11-4
Total Credits78-88

Subject to approval. Must be equine-related.