Sport Clubs

 I. Membership and/or Eligibility for Sport Clubs

  1. Eligibility requirements for membership:
    1. Clubs are open to full-time matriculating students without respect to race, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or disabilities. However, some competitive clubs have specific eligibility guidelines set by their respective sport’s governing body, which has specific standards for intercollegiate competition.
    2. Faculty and staff must have a Campus Recreation membership. Benefits-eligible faculty and staff may purchase their membership at the Welcome Center in the Hamel Recreation Center.
    3. All aquatic-oriented clubs (i.e., Sailing & Rowing) require members to pass a swimming skills test administered by the Department of Campus Recreation and receive hypothermia training.
    4. Limitations may be imposed on membership due to lack of facility space and time, funding, league requirements, administrative oversight, etc.
  2. Members of Sport Clubs competing may have to meet additional eligibility requirements as outlined in the respective sport’s governing body. In-season varsity athletes will not be allowed to compete on Sport Club teams.
  3. Club members should be mindful that the public tends to judge the University by the conduct of its members. All individuals are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the academic community and to respect the rights of their fellow citizens.

II. Procedures for Starting a New Sport Club

It is the responsibility of students interested in initiating a specific activity into the Sport Club Program to file a Request for Sport Club Affiliation no later than the last day of the Fall Semester and meet with the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation to outline the proposed club, and to review the process. The Request for Sport Club Affiliation form can be obtained by contacting the Campus Recreation professional staff.

The approval or disapproval of the inclusion into the Sport Club program of any activity or group is made by the director of campus recreation.

For complete policies and procedures, see the current Campus Recreation Sport Club Manual.