Fire Safety

Students must not engage in activities that create or maintain a fire or fire hazard. Specific rules pertaining to fire safety on University property include the following:

  1. Fire Safety Equipment: Students may not tamper with or hang anything from fire safety equipment such as sprinklers, pull stations, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire curtains, or any other equipment for fire prevention, detection, or response. This includes, but is not limited to, installing, decorating, hanging, or otherwise placing an item in a manner that may conceal exits or exit signs, sprinkler heads, and fire safety devices, or impede exit in any way.
  2. Open Flames and Gas Containers: Deliberately setting fire to property is prohibited. In general, with the exception of portable lighters, students may not create open flames or possess devices that produce open flames including, but not limited to, butane torches and grills, without approval as part of a sanctioned educational/classroom activity or event. Flammable fuels such as kerosene, propane, butane, charcoal lighter fluid, and gasoline are prohibited on campus unless approved as part of a sanctioned educational/classroom activity or event.
  3. Evacuation: Students are required to evacuate the building during a fire alarm in a timely manner.

Residential Housing Fire Safety Policy and Regulations

In addition to the rules described above, the following items are prohibited in on-campus housing:

  1. The following items are prohibited in all on-campus housing facilities: Halogen lamps, electric heaters, electric blankets, lava lamps, and other decorative objects which heat up, live holiday decorations (i.e., Christmas trees), candles, wax tarts, incense, explosives, fireworks, hazardous chemicals, motorized vehicles of any kind, including hoverboards, or parts, repair tools, accessories for any motor vehicle, air conditioners, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, and water beds.
  2. The following items are prohibited in the residence halls (but allowed in University apartments): induction plates, hot plates, rice makers, instapots, heating/immersion coils, electric frying pans, panini makers, mini grills, mini ovens, slow cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, and air fryers.