Commercial Activities on Campus

For the purposes of this section “Commercial Activity” is described as any activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise. This includes marketing, sales, or any other action deemed as commercial activity by the University.

I. Policy for Outdoor Commercial Activities on Campus

The purpose of this policy is to manage outdoor commercial activity on campus in order to maintain a healthy, safe, and attractive educational and living environment, which is in keeping with the University of New Hampshire's mission, including its Academic Plan, Transportation Policies, and Campus Master Plan. Conducting any commercial activities for the profit of any person or business is permitted on the campus only upon receipt of a UNH Outdoor Commercial Activity Permit with the following conditions and exemptions.


The following activities are exempt from this policy:

  1. Commercial activities at athletic events that receive authorization from the Director of Athletics and are registered with the University Police Department through a separate process.
  2. Student activities performed by the students of the University.
  3. Commercial activities sanctioned under separate contract agreements executed by authorized University officials. Anyone wishing to obtain more information about the UNH Outdoor Commercial Activity Permit can contact the UNH Police Department during normal business hours by calling 603.862.1427 or visiting their office at 18 Waterworks Way on campus.

II. Sale of Concert and Performance Related Materials

The sale of records, tapes, programs, and other items immediately before, during intermission(s), and directly after concerts and other performances sponsored by recognized student organizations and/or University departments, shall be permitted provided that all material offered for sale is directly related to the person or group performing.

III. Public Presentations

Public presentations of a commercial nature to which students may be invited shall be permitted in the conference rooms of the New Hampshire Memorial Union, provided that:

  1. The presentation or demonstration is requested by a recognized student organization or campus department, the presentation is relevant in nature to the work of the organization or department and the organization or department is not, in the view of the Memorial Union administration, being used to “front” for an external organization that would otherwise be subject to different policies and rates as a non-UNH organization. ;
  2. The room to be used is properly reserved;
  3. The Memorial Union and Student Activities Office is given, through the reservation process, a clear and complete explanation of the nature of the presentation or demonstration.
  4. During and immediately after the presentation or demonstration, no sales may be discussed or closed, no reservations recorded, no money exchanged, and no credit obligations created.

IV. Memorial Union

The sale of items in the Memorial Union is permitted in accordance with specific guidelines outlined by the Memorial Union & Student Activities and the Memorial Union Board of Governors. Vendors are guests of the University.

V. Private Individual Sales Presentations

Nothing in this policy shall prohibit a person or business engaged in commercial activities from conducting private individual sales presentations on campus if so requested by a student, advertising in student and local newspapers, telephoning students, or posting information on general-use bulletin boards.

VI. Permission

A license/permit shall be required by all students, staff, and commercial groups, individuals(s) not associated with the University. Upon appropriate approvals, including the Chief of Police or designee, the University of New Hampshire Police department, said license/permit will be issued.