Hazing is strictly prohibited at the University of New Hampshire. Hazing is defined as any activity, whether on- or off-campus, expected as part of joining or participating in, a group or organization, that causes or has the potential to cause mental, emotional, or physical harm, damage or theft of property, humiliation, or degradation. Hazing includes any request, requirement, or obligation to participate. Students can be responsible for hazing by committing any of these actions as active members of an organization. In addition to committing these actions, hazing could also include facilitating or promoting the activity as well as being a bystander and not intervening to stop the activity. Any student or organization alleged to have violated this policy could be subject to sanctions under the UNH Code of Conduct.

For more resources regarding hazing visit the Off-Campus Engagement and Fraternity and Sorority Life website

New Hampshire State Law

In addition to University policy, New Hampshire law makes it a crime for an individual or organization to participate in “student hazing” or to fail to report incidents of student hazing. If you are unsure as to whether an activity would be considered hazing or if you believe you have witnessed or been a victim of hazing, you can contact any of the following offices for assistance.

Resource Phone Number
Memorial Union Building & Student Activities 603.862.4600
Office of Off-Campus Engagement & Fraternity and Sorority Life 603.862.1002
Dean of Students 603.862.2906
Air Force ROTC 603.862.1480
Army ROTC 603.862.1078
Athletics 603.862.4051

To anonymously report inappropriate behavior and/or allegations of hazing, please contact the Hazing Hotline at (603) 862-3686 or the Civil Rights and Equity Office.