Zoology Minor


The Zoology Minor is designed to provide a general introduction to animals and their ecology, while requiring in-depth knowledge of the diversity of at least one group (Animal Survey Course), a course dealing with animal structure, behavior, or physiology, and an additional animal-focused course of the student’s choice.

The Zoology minor requires five courses.

BIOL 412Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecology4
Select ONE from Category I (Animal Survey):4-5
MEFB 628Marine Invertebrate Evolution and Ecology5
MEFB 510Field Ornithology4
NR 712Mammalogy4
ZOOL 542Ornithology4
ZOOL 555Introduction to Entomology4
ZOOL 566Herpetology4
ZOOL 710Sharks and Bony Fishes4
Select TWO from Category II (Animal Form, Function, Development & Behavior):4-5
ZOOL 518Comparative Morphology and Biology of Vertebrates4
ZOOL 529Developmental Biology4
ZOOL 625Principles of Animal Physiology3
BMS 718Mammalian Physiology4
MEFB 773Physiology of Fishes4
NSB 727Animal Communication4
ZOOL 613WAnimal Behavior5
ZOOL 690Evolution4
ZOOL 736Genes and Behavior4
Select ONE from Category III (Ecology):4-5
BIOL 541WEcology4
MEFB 717Lake Ecology4
MEFB 741Sharks: Biology and Conservation4
MEFB 772Fisheries Biology: Conservation and Management4
NR 660Ecology and Biogeography of New Zealand5
NR 661Restoration Ecology and Ecosystem Management in New Zealand4
ZOOL 708Stream Ecology4
ZOOL 733WBehavioral Ecology4
ZOOL 740Acoustic Ecology4

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture students: two courses in the major may be used toward the minor, as long as selected from the courses listed above.