Community Planning Minor

Planning is a multidisciplinary profession that requires an understanding of social, economic, and environmental connections to land use change. Students may supplement their major with the minor in community planning to enhance their skills to work with communities for improved sustainability. 

  • Required: 20 hours of credit
  • A grade of C- or better in each of the 5 courses.
  • No more than 8 credits used to satisfy major requirements may be used for the minor
  • Credit/fail courses may not be used for the minor.  
Group I: Theory and Practice of Planning
All or equivalent of the following three courses:
CEP 415Community Development Perspectives4
CEP 508Applied Community Development4
CEP 614Fundamentals of Planning4
Group II: Tools and Applications in Planning8
Select two of the following:
Green Real Estate
Fundamentals of Real Estate
Topics in Community Planning
Land Economics Perspectives: Uses, Policies, and Taxes
Community Economics
Rural and Regional Economic Development
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Resolving Environmental Conflicts
Systems Thinking for Sustainable Solutions
Social Impact Assessment
Total Credits20